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If you're learning how to play/beat Amy I highly recommend using the sheets Filter View function to easily sort/filter data. Jin TTT2 Frame Data. Nina TTT2 Frame Data. Contents. However, you can avoid these 10 extra recovery frames by swapping forms. Miguel Caballero Rojo Tekken 6 Frame Data. It's uncanny how easy it can be! Roger Jr Tekken 6 Frame Data. Dragunov TTT2 Frame Data. After more than a year of work, we are happy to tell you that our frame data app for #SoulCaliburVI IS FINALLY OUT! Often I'm getting hit out of the startup of a Reversal Edge (I mean the startup of the parry stance, not the attack that comes after), and I'm wondering if anyone knows the frame data for it. Please try again later. Explore the moves and find punishers. User Info: inchun. 43.6k members in the SoulCalibur community. This includes projectiles which are active for a very long time and thus become much more advantaged the later they hit. Views Views: 35,127 Last updated Last updated: Aug 29, 2020; Discussion (0) Page History. Eddy TTT2 Frame Data. 2. Help support us by proudly wearing some of our merchandise! Sophitia - Frame Data - SC6. level 1. I don't think SC6 will have exact frame data in game, but it'll be available through mods on PC and online I'm sure. Christie Monteiro Tekken 6 Frame Data. Frame data app and manual count was done. JavaScript is disabled. Lei TTT2 Frame Data. Okubo explained on stage that the Creation Parts set included with the third DLC pack comes with over 60 pieces of character creation items to customize your characters with and music from the SOULEDGE and SOULCALIBUR games. Leo TTT2 Frame Data. Contents. For multi-hitting moves this usually only applies to first hit; if only second hit connects it will get the x1.2 benefits. Hit 2 does 50.0 damage in the center or 35.0 damage on the outer hitbox. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the SoulCalibur community. Announced at Evo Japan, the next DLC content drop for Soul Calibur 7 is coming February 19th (Tuesday). Jack 6 TTT2 Frame Data. Finding / Testing frame data stuff. Talim also feels underpowered, I propose we buff her speed by 80% and add in a free auto combo system to compensate. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. 98% Upvoted. … HobbyGamer Recommended for … Anyway, it really comes off to me like they just don't want to put forth the effort to program all of the frame data info onto the command list screen and are scraping the bottom of the barrel for excuses to justify this laziness. King TTT2 Frame Data. Yun for SC6 pls. This feature is not available right now. Stances are done as well, if you feel you have something to add/fix it's in comment mode (Right click a cell > comment, or CTRL+SHIFT+M). the properties could be off which is done by frame data app: Almighty mode gives enhancement to all normals and allows 6B+K, 4B+K, and B+K to be used whenever desired. - Champion Edition data courtesy of @D4RK_ONION, @HatsonFGC, @Arlieth, @Frostdiener, BananaCyclone and the Frame Assist Tool team. In old form, Zeku summons a bird that drops a firecracker. Some frame data will certainly be wrong, be extra suspicious of all STN/KND/LNC data. Lee TTT2 Frame Data. On Shield advantage/disadvantage data assumes the move hits on its first Active Frame (hitting on a later active frame would be a meaty and can gain additional advantage relative to the later active frames). Kilik - Frame Data - SC6. Kazuya TTT2 Frame Data. In young form, Zeku summons a weasel to run at and strike the opponent. You are using an out of date browser. Soul Calibur 6 tournament: SCR 2018. For example, 1,1 does not deal 9,21. ~BT (hit) / 74f total, all hits: NCC; first/last two hits: NC; If 2nd hit misses, the rest are NC / OTG / 103 frames total, TC[35~] / ~Downed[40~43~] / Enemy attacks stop counting as counter hits on frame 20 / 43f total, NC(first 4), last hit NCC after 4th counters /, NC(first 4; last 2), 5th hit NCC after 4th counter hits /, NC / TJ / Time precisely for increased damage, NC / TJ / TC / Time precisely for increased damage /, Increased damage at tip range / 51 f total, NCC / TC / RTC / 1st hit increased dmg at tip range / 98f total, TC / Increased dmg at tip range / Damage is 30 at all ranges in, NC / TC / TJ / 3rd hit +1 on counter hit / 89f total, TC / TJ / First 3 NC, 4th hit NCC on 3rd hit counter /, TC[6~10] / TJ[13~] / NC / Costs Health / 81f total, NC / -12 on guard only at close range / 1st hit STN / 93f total, NC / TJ / TC / OTG(1st) / Time precisely for increased damage, NC / TJ / TC / OTG(1st) / Time precisely for increased damage /. Check out our store on Etsy for more information, First 2 hits NCC; 2nd hit STN(counter) / Opp. best. Zeku's VS2 is Kuchiyose. Devil Jin TTT2 Frame Data. Check out our store on Etsy for more information. Time slows after frame 41, giving victims about two frames to act. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. 0.1 / 50.0 (35.0) Even DOA5 and 6 has frame data in the training mode. Baek Doo San Tekken 6 Frame Data. What's the Frame Data for Reversal Edge and Guard Impact? Views Views: 22,658 Last updated Last updated: Sep 11, 2020; Discussion (0) Page History. your frame data overlay is already here yet you complain it's still not enough. Mokujin Tekken 6 Frame Data. Nina Williams Tekken 6 Frame Data. Heihachi TTT2 Frame Data. 53 comments. Views Views: 32,139 Last updated Last updated: Jun 17, 2020; Discussion (0) Page History. FrC (block) /, NC / OTG(2nd) / 1st hit acts like a weapon attack / 55f total, TJ / OTG(all) / on 2nd hit miss: -16 grd, -6 hit / 59f total, TJ[3~33](Invincible to Lows 3~, airborne 9~) / 50f total, TC[33~68] / OTG(all) / If only first attack connects: +0 on guard and on hit / 76f total, NCC / TC[9~17] / TJ[19~46] / Opp. Raven Tekken 6 Frame Data. Of course, since this is the initial release of the app, there are bound to be some errors here and there but this is good news for finding frame data in SC6. Fact is they need to be unable to use their critical edges, damage cut by 25%, speed reduced by 13% to compensate for having big swords. Stances are done as well, if you feel you have something to add/fix it's in comment mode (Right click a cell > comment, or CTRL+SHIFT+M). Bob Richards Tekken 6 Frame Data. An "unsafe" move is an attack that, if it gets blocked, will leave you vulnerable to being hit for a moment, giving your opponent the opportunity for a "punish." Astaroth needs more damage though, he needs easier wall death combos to fight against Siegfried and nightmare. Your … ... don't want to learn your framez like everybody else. When taking ANY fighting game seriously, knowing about frame data is vital to making sure you understand the internal mechanics of your character's—and your opponent's—moves. Soul Calibur 6 statistics including the latest character, teams, geographic and game systems stats. Roger Jr. TTT2 Frame Data. Bruce Irvin Tekken 6 Frame Data. The entire move takes incredibly long, with a whopping 54 frames of startup and 10 frames of recovery. Question. Raven TTT2 Frame Data. Devil Jin Tekken 6 Frame Data. Scuffle has been hard at work taking the code used in the Tekken Bot Prime frame data overlay app and creating a specific version for use in the PC version of Soul Calibur 6. Eddy Gordo Tekken 6 Frame Data. If you're learning how to play/beat Amy I highly recommend using the sheets Filter View function to easily sort/filter data. Change up your fighting style based on your battle opponent. -See more information 1. The sub for all things SoulCalibur related! save hide report. Even tested this with CH on and Rage as well. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Reply. The video is in the same order as the frame sheet for visual reference. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Feng Wei Tekken 6 Frame Data. FrC (3rd grd) /, TJ[3~30](Invincible to Lows 3~, airborne 9~) / 56f total, NCC / 2nd hit delayable / TC[6~10, 45~](45 applies w/o delay; 4 frames prior to 2nd impact) / RTC / 32f recovery, Reduced damage at tip range / 53f recovery, TC[20~35] / NC (close range only) / OTG(all) / 80f total, TJ[3~37](Invincible to Lows 3~, airborne 9~) / Opp. What makes Zeku truly unique is his ability to change his battle style in the middle of a fight. Old Zeku excels at ranged fighting, while Young Zeku is skilled at close range. … Ling TTT2 Frame Data. The veteran Mitsu expert Belial made a combo/tech video guide for all the combo follow-ups, tech traps, reversal edges and ring outs you should be doing. It deals 7,19. I’m sure there are other frame data errors, but there are also a number of inaccuracies regarding damage. Ganryu TTT2 Frame Data. The video is in the same order as the frame sheet for visual reference. The fully up to date frame data would be the main thing I'd want, but I'm really just looking to see where I can get more Sophitia stabs so most of what I should be … Full Top 8 (SonicFox, Signia, NoFaceKiller, Bibulus + more) - Duration: 2:02:17. This thread is archived. Lars TTT2 Frame Data. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Mobile-friendly Frame Data for Fox in Super Smash Bros. Contents. Paul Phoenix Tekken 6 Frame Data. Feng TTT2 Frame Data. Here's a valuable resource for everyone looking to pick up Mitsurugi in SC6. 1. So a 6 frame grab would be 10 frames out of shield. Doesn’t come close to matching. Siegfried - Frame Data - SC6. jfc Namco already gave in to your demands by finally adding that frame data s*** instead of players just learning like how the pros did since the PS1/PS2 era. The sub for all things SoulCalibur related! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. - Huge thanks for their efforts! Bryan Fury Tekken 6 Frame Data. Stances are also unlikely to show correct data. Go get it and enjoy! This community is run for fans, by fans. While I was on the topic, I thought I'd also mention GIs (manual GI only). Lars TTT2 Frame Data. Lili TTT2 Frame Data. Sort by. Tournament Players Top stories Game specific news Forums EventHubs Discord Player finder Justin Wong's column Most commented stories Miguel TTT2 Frame Data. Compiled by Hworang TTT2 Frame Data. News and features. Belial pretty much did most of the homework so learning all these combos after you got familiar with Mitsurugi's movelist will take you pretty far with the character. CH Damage and stun is calculated by multiplying base values by 1.2. Paul TTT2 Frame Data. Law TTT2 Frame Data. Kuma/Panda TTT2 Frame Data. share. Kuma/Panda TTT2 Frame Data. Ultimate.

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