louisiana temperature by month

In Louisiana, there are 5 comfortable months with high temperatures in the range of 70-85°. Louisiana climate guide. The July average is 82 to 83° F statewide. Monthly Reports: Climate data Summaries for all stations organized by climate division. The climate is warm and temperate in Louisiana. Select a destination to see the climate guide for all months of the year. The climate here is … Sign up for our email newsletter by entering your email address. Louisiana Weather in December: With the air being damp (Humidity is 75%) and temperature being as low as 16℉, you can expect cold weather on your visit to Louisiana in the month of December. Even in the driest month there is a lot of rain. The average annual temperature in Louisiana ranges from 64 in the northern divisions to 69° F in southern divisions. Get the latest coronavirus (COVID-19) updates for the USA with current travel advice, statistics and online resources.. Below are average maximum temperatures at popular destinations in Louisiana for next month - September. The most pleasant months of the year for Louisiana are April, October and May. On average, it rains or snows a smalll amount: 2 to 3 times per month. August is the hottest month for Louisiana with an average high temperature of 92.2°, which ranks it as one of the hottest states. The tables give the normals for maximum and minimum yearly temperatures based on weather data collected from 1981 to 2010. N/A: How Much Sunshine each year is there in Louisiana (in hours)? N/A Average annual temperatures for cities, towns, parks and lakes throughout Louisiana are listed below in degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius. 67.75 °F: How Many Inches of Rain per year does Louisiana get ? Weather is too cold this time of year in Louisiana to be enjoyable for warm weather travelers. 57.5 °F: What's the Average Temperature in Louisiana? Use this monthly calendar to view weather averages, such as average temperature 14 days ahead of today, as well as the historical weather patterns over the past year. The average high during this season is between 68°F (20°C) and 61.5°F (16.4°C). The average temperature is 37℉. The average precipitation recorded around this time is 39.25 mm. The lowest January average is 45 in the northwest and north-central ranging upward to 53 in the southeast. 61.7 inches: How Many Rainy Days a year are there in Louisiana? Weather history for places in Louisiana. Get the monthly weather forecast for Louisiana, MO, including daily high/low, historical averages, to help you plan ahead. N/A: How much, if any, snow falls each year in Louisiana? What's the Average Low in Louisiana? You can jump to a separate table for each region of the state: Gulf Coast, Florida Parishes, Central and North Louisiana. Louisiana is a region with a significant rainfall.

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