how to choose between mechanical and electrical engineering

It is really confusing to decide between these two fields of science and choose one as a career. This also includes the tools and the machines that are used in several industries and other locations. Some of the most defining career prospects for the professionals in electrical engineering include the generation, transmission, and distribution of the power, communications, manufacture, and design of the semiconductor devices, measurements, and control process, electronics and so much more. )Women in LeadershipPh.D, MBA Early Application Deadline - 10th December 2020 Apply Now. As you have already completed diploma course before, you must … The professionals also have a very important role to play in the collaboration with the hardware engineers in the world of computers. Listen to all but Do what you wish. Mechanical vs Electrical Engineering. or have anything to say? Can't choose between structural and mechanical engineering. I chose Electrical Engineering. With the completion of the professional courses comprised in the field of electrical engineering, the students will have the chance to apply for certain posts. Copyright @ 2003- 2020 National Academy of Sciences on behalf of the National Academy of Engineering. This course includes the core aspects of the Mechanical Engineering course combined with a specialism in Electrical Engineering. However, the main point of focus when it comes to mechanical engineering is always on the practical and hands-on application of the several principles of engineering. The analysis of several problems in order to check the thermal and mechanical devices and finding out how solving these problems can fix the devices. Hello engineers, I have a really hard decission to be done. For toppers, the decision to opt between engineering and medicine is the most difficult task. I just finished first year mechanical engineering and I'm at a bit of a crossroads. For a mechanical engineer, participating in cooperative programs and internships is mandatory so that they are fully prepared for the work environment in the industries. With the help of these additional activities, the students will be provided with theoretical as well as practical knowledge. If you like all of them, then consider the career potential of each. While there could be many different disciplines when it comes to mechanical engineering, the major areas where the professionals are required are energy conversion, design engineering, materials engineering, as well as manufacturing engineering. If I had to pick between the two, I’d suggest mechanical, as you take both basic kinematics and electrical circuitry. They make, design, test, build or repair these components. My brother chose Mechanical Engineering. Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. Mechanical engineering is concerned with mechanical systems like vehicles and the packaging of most products. Thread Help me choose between industrial or mechanical engineering Author Date within 1 day 3 days 1 week 2 weeks 1 month 2 months 6 months 1 year of Examples: Monday, today, last week, Mar 26, 3/26/04 Supervising the entire process of manufacturing for any particular device. Moreover, new technologies such as 3D printing are expected to have a transformative effect on this sector. Mechanical Engineering. The field is equipped particularly with a broad knowledge of practical and theoretical knowledge. Choose Between a Master's, Ph.D. in Engineering A doctorate in engineering requires a love of research and patience for several years of challenging study. I struggled through my first programming class as well and it wasn’t until the very end of the course that everything “clicked” for me and I started to enjoy it. It is for the student to start preparing early for all the electrical engineering by focusing more on the Physics and Mathematics-related subjects. Electrical engineering is one of the highest paying engineering fields. Making investments in the diagnosis of equipment failure and solving them with the help of tools and techniques in order to ascertain a full-fledged working operation. I find these two types of engineerings the best for me. breaks down the numbers further to note that early career employees have a median salary of $69,900, while mid-career electrical engineers earn a median pay of $118,100. For becoming a proper mechanical engineer, the students will have to get their bachelor’s degree in the particular subject from the institutions and organizations that provide it. Mechanical engineering offers students various paths to follow where the skill sets of a mechanical engineer come in use, like vehicle design, robotics, nanotechnology or energy. But there’s a difference between simply working together and working together well. If you wish to be an engineer, not a technician, make sure to choose a bachelor's degree in electromechanical, mechatronic, mechanical, electrical or electronic engineering accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). Also, they have to put an additional amount of focus on calculus, trigonometry, and algebra as well. The duties that the professionals of mechanical engineering have are mentioned below: The term electrical engineering is a very broad one that encompasses the design and development along with the testing of the different processes that work in the manufacturing of any particular electrical equipment. But indeed, the most attractive reason to join Mechanical Engineering, as I think, is that you actually like designing and developing mechanical systems like Robots, Automobile parts, infrastructural parts and much more. Since you have completed Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, according to my opinion you should opt BE in Mechanical Engineering as it will be better for you than Diploma in Electrical Engineering. AddedThursday, March 14, 2013 at 11:56 AM. Both have huge career prospects in future which will fetch you high salary. A minimum of a bachelor’s degree is required to work as an electrical, mechanical or civil engineer. When it comes to having a career in the mechanical engineering field, there are certainly many lucrative opportunities. If you ask an EE they will say go electrical. Mechanical–electrical analogies are the representation of mechanical systems as electrical networks.At first, such analogies were used in reverse to help explain electrical phenomena in familiar mechanical terms. Mechanical vs Electrical Engineering. They are both difficult. Electrical and mechanical engineering are two different streams in the field of engineering that is a broad term encompassing many other disciplines such as computer, telecommunication, civil, mining, information technology, and so on. Generally, electrical engineering is more preferred as compared to Mechanical Engineering. Mechanical and industrial engineers utilize a deep understanding of mathematics, physics, and analysis to develop machines and systems. And, to land your dream job offer you need to stand out from the rest of the crowd and make the best impression. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the median pay for electrical engineers in 2017 was $97,970 per year. Considering the job aspect, mechanical gives you the advantage of diversifying into a lot of streams which will be lacking if you persue electrical engineering. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It truly comes down to what you find more interesting and fun, so immerse yourself in a robotics club (or start one! The electrical engineers have to deal with some important procedures such as the manufacturing processes comprising the creation of equipment, communication systems, navigation systems and a lot more. Electrical engineering and mechanical engineering both are good courses and have their own valuable standards. All rights reserved. When it comes to the field of electrical engineering, this also comprises of many important career prospects that the students can go for. Centre for Teaching Learning & Development, B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering *, B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering *, *Specializations in Automobile Engg., Robotics & Automation, Data Science & AI, Cyber Security and IoT, **Specializations in Environmental Science, Geospatial Science, Material Science and Nano Science, BBA with specialization in Family Business and Entrepreneurship, BBA with specialization in Business Analytics, BBA with specialization in Digital Marketing, MBA with specialization in Human Resources, MBA with specialization in Business Analytics, Deep Delve - Short Courses for Executives, Digital Marketing Master Program (with DigiGrad), Career Guidance and Development Centre (CGDC). ... it will help you to choose a specialty early and begin building expertise and industry contacts in it. Your email address will not be published. The graduates from the electrical engineering field will have a wide range of astonishing careers that belong in the sectors of design and research, sales, management, teaching and so much more. Electrical engineering deals with circuit design and development from small pcb's in USB jump drives to giant power grids. Electrical engineering may be said to have emerged as a discipline in 1864 when the Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell summarized the basic laws of electricity in mathematical form and showed that radiation of electromagnetic energy travels through space at the speed of light. With the help of the professional courses of electrical engineering, the students will have the opportunity to do well in the respective fields that they choose. For choosing a career in the field of Electrical engineering, the students will have to get the Bachelor’s as well as the Masters degree since it is a professional course. Landing a job in a core company is a dream for almost every mechanical engineer. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) refers to these aspects of building design and construction.In commercial buildings, these elements are often designed by a specialized engineering firm. It involves scientific, mathematical, economical, social, and practical applications in its goal to find ways and create things that can help improve man’s life and make his chores easier.. After that, they will be allowed to go for the professional engineering courses in order to land in a job. Most of the general tasks that the professionals have to perform in both these fields are also very similar. James Clerk Maxwell introduced analogies of this sort in the 19th century. It is really confusing to decide between these two fields of science and choose one as a career. (Hons. Do note that electrical engineering is not electronics engineering. Both require good understanding in … Close • Posted by 51 minutes ago. )B.B.A., LL.B. The following engineering disciplines account for 67% of all engineering bachelor degrees according to Dedicated civil, computer, electrical, and mechanical engineering. Electrical and mechanical engineering both deal with properties of materials. Electrical will have the highest pay, but you will tend to be concentrated in place live Silicon Valley to make that famous six-figures right out of school. It’s a multidisciplinary application, so don’t worry if your school doesn’t offer a “robotics” or “mechatronics” class. Mechanical and Civil Engineering are the two oldest and most applied fields of engineering. Creation, development, and the testing of different prototypes of all the devices. Robotics, or “mechatronics,” needs not only mechanical and electrical engineers, but also computer engineers! If you are looking to take the FE exam, there are seven disciplines you may choose from: Copyright © 2020 BML Munjal University - All Rights Reserved. It is essential for the students to understand the important careers that they can have in the field of mechanical engineering so that they can make better choices about their future. Similarly, I went to a school that didn’t offer courses in the application I was most interested in: aerospace. Mechanical Engineering is one of the most fascinating branches in field of Engineering and Technology. Select CourseMBAB.TechBBAB.A., LL.B. I would further suggest talking with an advisor at your school or the professors that teach the introductory courses in mechanical and electrical engineering…they might be able to share what projects and assignments you could do related to robotics!

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