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Shop used Epon golf clubs and save on your purchase when you trade in your used clubs. The 705 is EPONs most forgiving iron on the menu. In terms of woods, Epon has forged the Mizuno MP Craft 425 and H4, Nike VR Pro, VR_S, and SQ2 (which is my favorite 3-wood ever, man, I wish I still had it). Curated photos, videos and reviews to help you choose the best golf equipment. Remember builder actually showing me tolerances of head weights vs. another big name OEM’s premium heads (although i believe this is where “tour issue, and OTR differ slightly…i.e. Now, Endo which created EPON in 1977 to showcase what it could do without any cost or time restraints, is looking to further extend EPON’s reach into North America, in part by dispelling the myth that forged clubs are exclusively for better players. TaylorMade’s new M3 and M4 irons, with “RibCOR” technology, Miura Launches ICL-601 Driving Irons in North America, New Callaway X Forged Irons Unveiled in Japan, Callaway Lightens Up with Ultra-Premium GBB Epic Star Line, Exotics Officially Launches New CBX Iron-Wood, Classic Name, Max Performance: TaylorMade launches 2017 “M CGB” irons. With Epon, just as with other super-premium golf equipment manufacturers like Miura or Fourteen or Vega, the discussion always comes back to price, and maybe rightfully so. This allows clients a more streamlined experience from concept to creation, and because Endo can one-piece forge complex CAD designs, it can produce an unmatched breadth of clubs – from a relatively basic muscle-back like Srixon’s 965 to something far more elaborate, like EPON’s 705. Beautiful Irons! And the question that always comes up is, “Are these irons really $1,200 better than the Titleists or Mizunos I can buy off the shelf?” That’s entirely up to you. EPON appears to be pushing toward a message approximating “Japanese design, materials and quality control with American styling.” But is that enough? EPON Golf recently unveiled the brand new AF-706 irons, now available to demo in all Club Champion locations. Building on the success of its MySpider program, TaylorMade is introducing MyTP, a custom-design platform for its TP line of putters. This is the crux of EPON’s predicament, and a closer examination of current and pending releases reveals the company just might have worked it out. Maybe one day when PGX builds clubs/irons for other brands they might attain the prestige and exclusivity of Epon! I feel like getting a set of Apex Pluses…. Endo’s legacy as a premium forging house is secure, and all of the aforementioned JDM accolades apply. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. EPON’s 303 occupies the Players CB space in the line-up. Its topline is thinner than the 302, but the sole is a touch wider. I was fitted for the Miura MC 501 irons and the dispersion pattern between these and my former irons (Mizuno JPX Hot Metal) were worlds apart. Even OEMs propagating a message of patient product releases still want to move product and preferably make some money in the process. An avid player and student of the game, Adam seeks to understand both the analytical side of the game as well as the human aspect - which he finds the most important. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Japan Epron TRG 4-Sw Iron Matrix Stain Steel Chrome Golf Club Set(Regular Flex,Graphite Shaft,Grip Small,for 5.57 to 5.73ft Men,Pack of 8) at Amazon.com. Grab your popcorn and wait for our Most Wanted GI iron results. A quarter weighs exactly 5.7 grams. 12-14 paper clips might get close to 6 grams. but a single paper clip does not weigh 6 grams. Jeff Sheets, the Technical Director for Swing Science and Epon Golf says, “With Epon brand Endo holds nothing back. Aside from the aforementioned ones, here are a few others: Mizuno JPX-800 AD and JPX-825, Fourteen TC-606, TC-777, and TC-1000, Nike VR, VR_S, VR Forged and SQ Forged, Titleist 690 MB and VG3. The primary downside is cost, which is likely why OEMs like Titleist and Callaway only utilize Endo for higher-price point releases targeted at the Japanese market, where many are willing to pay a premium, even in the absence of any demonstrable performance advantage. Both models make use of a carbon-composite crown and titanium face. If you have ever wanted to regrip your clubs but didn’t want to deal with the hassle of tape or solvent, Golf Pride has developed a revolutionary system to make regripping easier than ever before with the all-new Golf Pride Concept Helix. EPON exists for a single purpose – to see what can happen when those constraints don’t exist – but like every other company, EPON is trying like hell to grow, but it won’t be fueled by volume price points or battling major domestic OEMs for floor space at your local big box retailer. Your email address will not be published. I highly doubt PXG will ever become a true OEM. Endo’s client list is impressive, which validates the quality of the work done for Srixon, Bridgestone, et al. Brilliant Irons and in the bag. Founded in 1950 by Eimatsu Endo as a company dedicated to manufacturing steel parts for machines, housewares, and automobiles, golf equipment wasn’t part of the original business plan. The AF-Tour looks as good as any club you could imagine; it has a thin top-line, little-to-no offset, and the lofts are very traditional (the 7-iron loft is 36 degrees). Sold them and went w Miura BBs. A super low and deep CG combined with a super wide sole makes this the most forgiving iron in the EPON line up. Later in 2018, expect EPON to release a 905 utility iron which replaces the 903. The approach is more cautious – one defined by pairing EPON’s uncompromised quality with a look which resonates with more North American consumers. + FREE SHIPPING SITEWIDE* + 10% Off Used Titleist Clubs with Code: TITLEIST10 Hopefully Endo is a little more precise than the comparison used. You are bidding on epon irons in excellent condition . Fourteen FH 900 are Endo forged….confirmed by Fourteen themselves. vs the std. What’s more, regardless of which EPON iron model your fitter recommends, you can be … Stay tuned. When it comes to winning, Emily Kristine Pedersen has made it look pretty easy recently with three straight wins on... Driver: Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero (8.5 degrees) Shaft: Mitsubishi Diamana DF 60 TX 3-wood: Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero (15 degrees)... Driver: Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero Single Diamond (9 degrees, -1/N) Shaft: Fujikura Ventus Blue 7 X (45 inches, D3) 3-wood:... Driver: Callaway BB21 (9 degrees) Shaft: Fujikura Ventus Blue 6 X (@46.5″) 3-wood: Callaway BB21 (15 degrees) Shaft: Fujikura Ventus... Dustin Johnson’s winning WITB: 2020 Masters. Yes, KZG used to have their heads manufactured by Kyoei, when they were manufactured in Japan (which stopped several years ago). Chris is a self-diagnosed equipment and golf junkie with a penchant for top-shelf ice cream. "Isn't it funny? The 505’s face will be the thinnest (2.0MM) in a one-piece forged iron, and with that, EPON contends the 505 will set a new benchmark within the forged-distance category. It wasn’t long before Endo, who now sits as CEO/President of EPON Golf, established EPON as a subsidiary of the business entity Endo, allowing the parent company to expand its variety of pursuits, which includes spinal implants, where tolerances are 1/10,000th of a millimeter. When he's not coaching the local high school team, he's probably on the range or trying to keep up with his wife and seven beautiful daughters. But being that I’ve tried some of the best JDM clubs to compare them with, I can say that with the Epon clubs I get consistently better results. With all this good info regarding forged irons does anyone know where KZG forged irons are made? I’m glad the article touched on the North American aesthetic being considered. MyGolfSpy, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Required fields are marked *. Its performance is that of a Super Game-Improvement iron, yet the body profile is ostensibly game-improvement. eg : 3 – 258.3 vs 259.5 std 8 – 278.8 vs 280.0 std. Every OEM under contract with Endo has a limited budget and wants to maximize profit to either move further into the black (or like some, reduce the red). KS 120 Ti reinforces the perimeter of the face while aerospace grade T9 Ti makes up the bulk of the hitting area. I would hear this theme strung throughout our conversation as well as my conversation with Jeff Sheets, who was the lead designer for the Hogan Apex Plus irons back in the day (again, my favorite). The overall quality was unquestioned, but the aesthetics suggested EPON hadn’t yet aligned the quality of the product with a look North American buyers would appreciate. These are some of the latest cool finds from the GolfWRX BST, and if you are curious about the rules to participate in the BST Forum you can check them out here: GolfWRX BST Rules. Within five minutes of talking on the phone with Dustin Vaughn, however, I learned the forging house had produced all of my favorite irons. It was fast but clicky and too firm at impact. EPON will continue to offer two complementary fairway wood models – a deeper-faced lower-launch AF-205 geared to higher spin players and a more-forgiving, easier to launch iteration with a shallow face. They’re now forged in China. Try to look at the epon’s personnal first gen. maybe he meant raw forgings not the finished heads? Epon AF Tour Irons. Used, EPON Golf Clubs AF502 3-pw- Forged Great . Fourteen FH900 are Endo Forged as well. Member Bomber_11 – Raw Callaway Apex MB irons, Member darrickpe – TaylorMade SIM “Rocket” fairway, Select grip offerings from SuperStroke, Golf Pride, and Lamkin. So, my whole main setup from putter to 3 iron is all forged s20c clubs of the highest quality. Amazon.com : Japan Epron TRG 4-Sw Iron Matrix Stain Steel Chrome Golf Club Set(Regular Flex, Graphite Shaft, Grip Small, for 5.57 to 5.73ft Men, Pack of 8) : Sports & Outdoors The question is whether EPON can become a brand unto itself in a way which resonates with boutique brand aficionados – or is the very DNA of what makes JDM brands attractive at odds with doing what’s necessary to capture any meaningful market share in North America. Golf 101: How high should I tee up the golf ball? It’s a bold assertion, however; should EPON become more relevant and garner increased attention, it will be because the 505 can offer performance in line with clubs like PXG’s GEN2 and Ping’s i500 irons but in a true, single-piece forged design. The voice of experience – you are fortunate. Also, if you like the MC-501 you should try either the Epon P2’s or either AF-Tour model, you’d probably really like them too. I’d be surprised if EPON didn’t end up adding and 18° option as well. Their tagline for the AF-Tour is, “If you’ve got to ask if you’re good enough to play this club, then you likely aren’t.” That statement sums up how I felt about it as well. But that all changed when established Japanese OEMs sought Eimatsu’s company as a partner in manufacturing forged clubs. The Epon AF-706 may be the latest iron to come from a manufacturer known for its expertise in precise forged irons that appeal to the most discerning players, but … The likelihood is that the initial availability will be for the Japanese market only. Greg C, you’re right. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Epon also implemented a new Alpha Gel into the 502’s hollow body which makes each loft feel much softer at impact. Although the author references the “higher-grade materials” that Epon/Endo use, he could have elaborated on that quite a bit. EPON Golf Golf Clubs AF502 Forged 3-pw rare the 6 iron head is same model but added to the set later. Find an Epon fitter near you.Â, Fourteen Golf’s new FH-900 Forged irons have mass appeal, Bettinardi launches customizable UPatch headcovers, Inovai 5.0 putters. A set of Epon irons is going to set you back almost $2,400, which is basically double what other OEMs charge for their “premium” players irons. Browse by club type, and learn more about Epon below. However, even though my irons are not Epon/Endo, they are (to my knowledge) the only Kyoei forged clubs ever made from s20c (just like Endo famously uses s20c, so also does Kyoei famously use s25c). Nor do I know by what factory. The benefit, according to Epon, is a tighter grain structure (which contributes to Epon’s signature feel) and a raw head which is within 5-6 grams of its final weight. Eric Burch and his equipment company, New Level Golf, is bits and pieces of all three. Epon AF 705 5-PW Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X-100 PURED +1/2'' Used. You’re searching for the right feel or the right sound or the right head weight. After the first swing, I started mumbling ‘my precious’ and the fitter let out a nervous laugh. At this point, Epon has more iron offerings than it ever has in the past. Strong lofts. Until recently, EPON didn’t have much reason to promote its in-house brand, in part because of the importance of maintaining positive relationships with brand partners, but more importantly, there wasn’t an identifiable strategy in place to grow the EPON brand. That produces a much more consistent product, because there is less room for error on the grinding and polishing part of the process. The sense is this is a play to appeal to those wanting something reminiscent of muscle-backs of yesteryear, but with the advantage of advanced CAD and 3D tooling capabilities. Typically, when OEMs leave Japan, it’s due to cost and product is sourced from China and/or Taiwan, which I’d wager is the case with KZG. There is a mid-launch/mid-spin glued (non-adjustable) version as well, which drops the “i” from its name. ROFL exactly what I was wondering after reading the article. Reduce strokes off your next round! What is it that consumers can only access through EPON and not through one of Endo’s OEM partners? Director of Club Fitting at PureForm Golf, Paul Jenner, details the similarities and differences between the Miura and Epon iron heads. The other interesting note is that without the need for solvents or tape, the new Concept Helix grips and more environmentally friendly. Fairway Golf Review The AF-302 irons have all the attributes of a muscle back: excellent feel, control and workability, but with a larger sweetspot. I have an AF-105 too, and i also have another Endo Forged driver that I think is even better, it’s the original Mizuno MP-Craft from Mizuno’s Yoro dept (or at least I think it’s the original, that’s all it’s called). The idea is that Epon, because it’s a house brand, can (and does) spend as much time on their product as they need to in order to make it the best they have ever released, and that’s their only restriction. Specifically, this means playerish irons (less offset, thinner toplines, shorter overall blade length) with higher launch, lower spin, more forgiveness and preferably more distance. I hit some Epon irons at a recent driver fitting. As expected, across the board costs for EPON irons are somewhat higher than mass-produced models coming out of the same facility – though EPON contends the AF (Absolute Forged) preface adorning all iron models serves as a constant reminder that it’s impeccably designed and orchestrated process, creates “an end product without comparison.” This is due in part to EPONs part in-house icon, part demi-deity, Hideichi Yamamiya, a 35-year veteran and Head of R&D and Chief Designer. The fitter paired the 303s with some Oban steel shafts and oh my goodness…the feel of the TP5X rocketing off those beautiful irons was incredible. Stay tuned to GolfWRX on Instagram for an awesome MyTP giveaway.Â. They were the only irons during fitting that were measurably performing better than Mizunos. It’s an impressive resume which no other Japanese forging house can match. I dipped my toe into JDM clubs last year with Fourteen Golf and have loved them. Endo is an attractive brand partner for myriad reasons, not the least of which is its well-heeled reputation. My main setup is all Epon/Endo clubs, except for the irons. “With Epon irons, Endo can forge the head to within 6 grams of the desired final head weight. This makes the 303 a little easier to elevate, though the increased offset may be a bit much for some. Epon AF 302 Irons. They are positively the best irons I’ve ever hit. While the mere mention of a forged iron evokes the notion that forgings are only for the very best players in the game, EPON dispels that myth by providing forged designs for players of all skill levels. If Endo can create that consistency among OEMs, all with different specs, it seems to me that their house brand can only be something I’d likely fall in love with. Disappointed to find it on the front page at WRX not clearly labeled as advertising. “Golf Pride stands at the forefront of innovation in grips, and Concept Helix builds on that legacy as the first-ever twist-on grip technology system. Looking to purchase a set of custom Epon AF-505 irons online? With Epon irons, Endo can forge the head to within 6 grams of the desired final head weight. Join our community on Patreon! The Verdict: Low-handicap contrarians who revel in having others peek into their bag and wonder what they're playing should consider these. All rights reserved. Good feel. Your email address will not be published. Thus, Mizuno’s JPX 800 AD and JPX 825 irons are on the extremely short list of Mizuno forged irons produced somewhere other than the Chuo factory. Endo’s Epon products are the epitome of what a forging manufacturer is capable of producing without any limitations.”. In my opinion, as someone who has used and uses or tries all the best JDM products (I’ve been through all the USDM equipment already that I care to, the quality coming from that market is overall trending backward), Epon is the highest quality all-around brand in the entire world. In the world of iron forging, the process has improved significantly over the course of the last half-century. In 10 years, I’ve played four different sets of irons. Keeping in line with the Endo Factory tradition, Epon has built a reputation on meticulous design, top quality materials and unparalleled manufacturing processes. If cost was not an issue, I would be playing EPON irons. It shouldn’t take you long to come up with the player name. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, (your email address will not be published), Testers Wanted – Top Flite Gamer Golf Ball, 3 Testers Wanted – Nippon Zelos Iron Shafts. Fourteen Golf, which now uses product forged in China, previously worked with Endo on several product releases (TC-606, TC-777, TC-1000) and though lesser-known outside the blogosphere world, Srixon’s 65 series (565 was MyGolfSpy’s 2017 Most Wanted GI iron winner) are Endo forging as well. I had a chance to hit some of their drivers a few months ago during a fitting and they were really good, too! Some of its valid and some is self-congratulatory back-slapping – but in either case, there’s little to separate the company from the background noise. It’s an eternity for a single iron model. The 705’s seem more manageable, and I would like to look at the 505’s. The EPON AF-503 are distance irons with a compact head for control. So if I had to stock my entire bag with clubs from only one brand, that brand would without a doubt be Epon. EPON and by extension, Endo, understands the struggle of trickle-down marketing. Buy new and used Epon AF-504DJ Driver from the best golf shop. I said to the builder, I would buy again if they perform like AF Tours but look more like a Titleist. In an era when most OEMs treat every mini tour win as headline news, Epon marches to a different drummer. I am set now .Try them !! EPON launched the AF-Tour in 2008 and just released the AF-Tour MB II; a muscle-back iron promised to be the quintessential “blade lovers blade.” As compared to the current AF-Tour, the AF-Tour MBII is more compact and less forgiving. 38.5” 5 ironStandard LieGolf Pride Tour Velvet Grips Standard very nice in my opinion Clubs were built professionally in South Florida at Joey D Golf Performance where DJ and Brooks work out. EPON has a new iron in replace of the AF 705… the AF 706 Irons… here is what is new about these sticks… EPON has stated that golfers are averaging 9 yards more in these new AF 706 than the previous AF 705. With its house brand, Epon, the company can take it even further. It’s also forged from the same S20C carbon steel as the AF-Tour, which means it’s designed to feel like butter but perform like a hybrid iron. As is typical for premium forging houses, Epon claims to start with more premium materials and uses higher tonnage presses, which means the billet-to-raw-head process requires fewer total strikes. There are currently 5 models in the lineup including two muscle backs in the new Personal Iron, the ever popular AF-Tour, the better player AF-302, mid-capper and improving player AF-502, and the average golfer AF-702. Get the best deals on EPON Golf Iron Sets when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com.

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