Yoga Teacher Agreement

This is especially important if you are an independent yoga teacher. You want to make sure that the services you offer and what they actually entail are properly described in your agreement. If you own a yoga studio, remember that freelancers are not employees. Regardless of how you call your yoga teachers or the name of the agreement you have signed, a freelancer can legally be considered an employee if they are treated as such (for more information on the differences between employees and freelancers, visit the Revenu Québec website). Our conversation revolves around an e-learning contract with which we were both present a year ago at a teacher training course we were both part of. Although I was surprised by many parts of the contract, I immediately called Nick to find out his point of view because I knew he had a lot more experience in processing contracts for video and online content. For the benefit of the wider yoga community, Nick guides me through this contract again in this discussion to go through some of the intricacies and give advice on what yoga teachers should watch out for and try to negotiate when asked to teach online as part of another business or platform. 4.3 Payment for the Services must be made by the Financial Institution of the Guide Company at the address specified in this Agreement or by direct payment to the Yoga Teacher`s bank account as specified in this Agreement as chosen by the Yoga Teacher. If you need legal advice on yoga teacher contracts or need help creating/reviewing documents, you can always contact me at or click on the link below to learn more about our services! 9.4 Termination by Yoga Teachers due to failure of the Guiding Society: If the Guiding Society fails to perform this Agreement or violates any of its provisions, the Yoga Teacher may, at his discretion, terminate this Agreement immediately by notifying the Guiding Company in writing. As with all service-based agreements, one of the main things you should address is how to get paid as a yoga teacher (if you`re still not convinced of the need for a proper service agreement, I suggest you read this blog post). There are many ways to get paid as an independent yoga teacher: on an hourly basis, per class, based on the number of students in a particular class, or even a mix of these methods. Regardless of how you get paid, make sure the payment method and payment terms are clear to both parties. 5.1 The Yoga Teacher is responsible for his/her travel and communication expenses, all fees, fines, licenses, insurance, deposits or taxes required or imposed by the Yoga Teacher, and all other costs of doing business.

Guiding Сompany is not responsible for expenses or costs of any kind incurred by the yoga teacher to provide services for yoga lessons during the yoga retreat. Surf Gwada covers the yoga instructor`s accommodation for the time of the yoga retreat, island transportation and excursions with the Guiding Сompany while he leads the yoga retreat. Being covered by insurance is really crucial when teaching yoga, as injuries are a risk. Be sure to determine if the yoga studio where you will be teaching has insurance that covers your activities. .