Telemarketing Services Agreement

These telemarketing professionals have sophisticated skills, with knowledge of the rules of telemarketing laws and sales techniques, which contribute to customer relations in a large number of sectors. This means that you will be able to produce more high-quality leads in less time. Using one of these companies is one of the fastest ways to reach target groups. It helps you maintain your pipeline with a constant source of hot or hot people. If you want your distribution professionals to work less on lead generation and more on post-lead generation. For a period of 12 months from this Agreement, the Customer may not induce, encourage or assist employees of the Company to leave its services or do anything that would constitute a violation of this Agreement. 8. DATA PROTECTION 8.1 In order to be able to provide the services, the company may be obliged to process the customer`s personal data. 8.2 When processing the customer`s personal data, the company undertakes to fulfil its obligations as data processors under the DPA. 8.3 The Company undertakes to maintain a) sufficient technical and organisational security measures to fulfil the obligations imposed on the Undertaking by the DPA as a data processor; (b) process the Customer`s personal data from time to time solely for the purpose of providing the Services and in accordance with the Customer`s instructions; and (c) not to transfer the customer`s personal data outside the EEA without the customer`s prior written consent. 8.4 With regard to the company`s personal data, the customer is the data controller for the purposes of the DPA. It is the customer`s responsibility to inform the company of the purpose for which the customer wishes to use this company personal data and to whom it may be transmitted, so that the company can inform the data subjects of the possible use of their personal data at the time of data collection. .

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