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Part A – Debtor Disclosure: Summary of The Confirmation Agreement. Fill out this section and indicate the details of the agreement: amount to be confirmed, percentage, payment to be made. Part B – The new Confirmation Agreement requires the signature of the creditor`s representative(s) and the debtor(s). Confirmation is a kind of agreement made by a debtor with a lender to repay part or all of the debt, while it has undergone insolvency proceedings. When a person goes bankrupt, they do so to be released from a debt that they cannot pay. A confirmation agreement must be submitted to the court to prove written acceptance of the new debt. These agreements are usually designed and submitted by a lawyer for the creditor. Confirming agreements are also subject to court approval and the judge may refuse an agreement for a large number of reasons, including if they feel you can`t afford if the debt clearly outweighs the current value or if interest rates are too high. By entering into a confirming agreement, a borrower often retains ownership of an asset held as collateral, such as a house or car, as long as they can repay the debt of that particular loan in full. The Court of Justice is not required to approve a confirming agreement applicable to consumer debt secured by immovable property. This applies to all mortgages on your home or other debts that are secured by your home.

In addition, the Court does not allow any confirmatory agreement between debtors and credit unions. They shall be submitted and shall be recorded in the minutes without consultation. A confirmation contract is a binding contract and, as such, you should carefully assess the costs and benefits before entering into one. Part E is the debtor`s application for judicial authorization and must be signed by debtors who are not represented by a lawyer. Erroneous confirmation agreements A confirmation agreement is deemed defective and is concluded if: • not be filed on Official Form 240 A (1/07) or if • the debtor and/or creditor does not sign any of the necessary parts of the agreement. It is in the borrower`s best interest to go through a legal procedure such as a new statement when it comes to resolving or managing financial obligations. A repeatability agreement is considered to be in default if Part E is not concluded. If a completed Part E is not filed within the waiting period (15 days), the agreement is concluded.

Your home is directly linked to your mortgage. If you are late in payments, you may be seized. Your car is secured by your car. If you stop paying or are late in your payments, your car could resume. The most important thing you need to know about secured debts related to bankruptcy is that while you can waive the obligation to continue paying the debt, the creditor retains their security interest. This means that if you no longer make payments, the collateral to your creditor lags behind. The statements are strictly voluntary. If you wish to reaffirm a particular debt (agree to repay), you must enter into a written agreement with the creditor that will legally oblige you to pay all or part of an excusable debt (erased by bankruptcy). The form is Form 240A Reaffirmation Agreement.

The creditor and the debtor must complete in full the form indicating the nature of the liability, the value of the security and the reason for the new declaration. Both parties to the affirmation must sign on the corresponding signature lines. As you are not represented by a lawyer, confirmation is automatically set for the hearing and you will receive written notification of the date and time of the hearing. You must appear at the hearing at which the judge will determine, based on your circumstances and the nature of the confirmation, whether it is in your interest to confirm it. . . .