Consultancy Agreement Termination Letter

This is to inform you that we are terminating the contract entered into on February 1, 2015 between Mr. Sanath, CEO of Cyient, and Sowrya, CEO of Sowrya Consultancy Services. The date of termination of the agreement is 15.5.2015. According to the contract, your company had to train our employees to use a particular software. The contract provided that on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., you would send two coaches to train our new collaborators in Visual Studio for .net courses and other programming languages. Even though the weekend was to be a holiday, we asked our staff to come on the Saturday after your request. But according to our notes, your coaches have been absent more than twice in the last two months. In this context, our employees do not have the courses they need to work. In this case, the company can indicate the reason why it terminates the services.

The contract should have a termination clause in order to allow the company to indicate a method of termination of the contract before the conclusion of the service. It indicates how remuneration is managed. If you resign from an advisor, if he/she is good, you can give him or her a positive testimony. In this case, a clear reason must be indicated when terminating the contract and his career is therefore not compromised. It is important to have everything written down to avoid possible future problems. This letter is intended to draw your attention to the fact that the contract between our company ___ (name of the company) and your consulting services ____ (name of consulting services) concluded at _______ The main reason for this action is ___________