Brexit Withdrawal Agreement Fisheries

EU Trade Commissioner Phil Hogan said that to allow Britain access to EU financial markets, the UK must continue to allow EU vessels access to UK fishing grounds. A no-deal Brexit would have a direct impact on access to fishing grounds for vessels flying the flags of the EU and the United Kingdom. It would also have repercussions on trade in fishery products, which would be subject to a number of customs duties on exports to the EU and which could be subject to tariff delays. In addition, the United Kingdom would be responsible for patrolling and enforcing the exclusion of foreign vessels within the United Kingdom`s EEZ, as well as negotiating annual fisheries agreements on common stocks with neighbouring countries. Uk fishing vessel quotas for 2019 would not change immediately, unless the fisheries authorities decide to make changes, as this already falls within the uk`s competence. Brussels, 9 April 2018 NOTIFICATION TO INTERESTED PARTIES FISHERIES AND AQUACULTURE On 29 March 2017, the United Kingdom notified its intention to leave the Union in accordance with Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union. This means that, unless a different date is set in a ratified Withdrawal Agreement1, all primary and secondary rights of the Union … “The EU wants the status quo, Britain wants to change everything,” he said on June 5. “If we want an agreement, we have to discuss somewhere between these positions.” The objective of this agreement is to create fishing conditions in order to develop fishing within the framework of sustainability and conservation and to guarantee the socio-economic viability of the fleets concerned. Sustainable Fisheries for Future Generations: Consultation Paper Updated 25 October 2018 Content Preface Summary 1. Laying the milestones 2. The sustainable economy pursues 3.

Resources for the new approach 4. Partnership 5. Next Steps Appendices © Crown Copyright 2018 This publication is authorized under the conditions of […] On 31 January 2020, at 11 p.m., the United Kingdom officially left the European Union after forty-seven years of membership. The transition period and negotiations on the future EU-UK trade deal will continue for the rest of the year, with the signing of a fisheries agreement in July.