Trade Agreements And Nhs

Next-generation treaties protect and strengthen market power and give broad powers to multinationals, often at the expense of the rights and protection of citizens. In general, trade agreements are not intended to protect workers` rights or to support public services such as the NHS. But the next-generation agreements go even further and the governments of the United Kingdom and the United States could work on the broad outlines of a trade agreement.1 Health has developed as an early priority in the public debate on the so-called trade agreement, with many fearing it would facilitate the privatization of the National Health Service. Although the government has repeatedly stated that the price paid by the NHS for drugs “is not on the table,” negotiations often involve concessions and nothing is certain until draft trade agreements can be considered. Rules that affect the price of initiating drugs – patented drugs – are common in trade agreements. Many previous analyses have described the significant impact that trade agreements can have on pharmaceutical spending.456789 The new type of trade agreements such as TTIP, CETA and TISA include irreversible commitments to give these investors “market access” (i.e. the right to enter the UK market and work without activity restrictions) and “national treatment” (i.e. the right to equal treatment with domestic businesses) , including domestic companies). , including equal treatment with domestic companies, including the equivalent right to public subsidies. B). Attempts to reintegrate NHS services into the public sector – along with other inversions (e.g. B, if fees for NHS salaries were introduced and a future government wanted to revisit this point) – would also trigger massive demands for compensation under investment protection measures such as the CSI. Keep Our NHS Public has been fighting for years against the inclusion of the NHS in trade agreements, from TTIP threats to Brexit, we have made it clear that it would be a disaster to make the NHS a part of the trade agreements from which it would be difficult to recover.

In an interview with the Times, Hands said the NHS would be protected in any future trade agreement with the United States.