Our Family Teach Agreement

In our family (and in our kindergarten room), we have agreements rather than rules. An agreement is something that everyone in the family does, created collaboratively, writes and signs. At home, we keep our chords in a 3-ring binder in the living room, so that everyone can talk about it at any time. We have been parents and teaching with agreements for many years. Our experience, and even scientific research, shows that children are more likely to follow a solution they have created rather than an imposed solution. This online safety agreement is designed to be used in a wide range of environments including: Many families feel constrained from their relationships with their children due to excessive technology and media use. Of course, it is in today`s world where everyone — adults and children — has connected smart devices. And like any other obstacle, they need the right tools to help you manage. A contract is a simple way for the whole family to have a clear understanding of the budgetary limits and expectations you choose for your children.

We used the free Family Media Agreement on Common Sense Media, which is one of my favorite sites, always and always around the world, and we have slightly adapted it to prepare it for our family. Find one that`s age-appropriate. Otherwise, you may need an online security agreement that does not cater to a family audience. The Internet is now a very important part of our lives, and developing an agreement can help keep everyone in your organization/group safe when navigating the online world. Read it with your family and make sure it`s cool with everyone. For this to work, each member must be on board. Simply put, a family media agreement is a family member contract that describes safe practices for online behaviour. It`s written down.

It`s on paper. The contract is a tangible thing that you can keep on the refrigerator or by the family computer as a reminder of the rules. As all family members sign this contract, everyone understands and accepts the terms described. No ifs and but. Common Sense Media is a website with which every family should quickly become friends for so many reasons. This is a binding agreement signed. This is serious. And if your kids like their devices and want to keep them, then there must be rules. What I like about this agreement is that the parenting room recognizes that online time is important for children – because it is. More information on how to put the family agreement into practice can be found on our blog. Let me know! I am always in favour of learning better ways to cope with this great task of parenting our digital children! Thank you very much, thank you to Common Sense Media for everything you do to keep my family smart, safe and strong online! By downloading our Family Media Contract, you can create structures around your family`s digital use and the online time you devote to the benefits of technology.

Here are the most common mistakes parents make when using agreements with their children and how to avoid them: a family contract is a good way to start a conversation with your whole family about how you all use the internet and discuss together how you can behave positively on the Internet, whether at home, at school or at a friend`s house. Our family contract contains a list of things to follow when creating a family contract, as well as a few examples to facilitate your entry. A draft agreement is also available to help families have clear expectations about positive and safe use of the internet. Stay light, but be serious. Do it at dinner or sundaes. Do it with your own family or bring together several families and do it together. It doesn`t matter how — it`s just important that you do it. yep. We are a digital family in the digital age, and it`s time to put all the important things on the table.