Medical Operating Agreement

The reminder that an LLC enterprise agreement should not be a static agreement is essential. If you regularly visit the agreement, you can make the necessary changes to adapt the written document as your business grows and grows. In addition to the considerations that are common to each company, physicians face many legal issues and unique practical considerations for the health sector. Today, doctors often have to decide, when setting up and operating a medical practice, questions that did not exist before, such as: how to set up an electronic medical registration system; how protocols can be established to ensure compliance with hipaa and hitech; If and how “telemedicine” is practiced; If, contrary to traditional practice, a “concierge” practice must be implemented on the basis of management by the third-payer; whether they join an “independent medical association,” a “medical organization” or another organization; Whether they can participate in a “responsible care organization” and how they can participate Whether an OPP network agreement is to be signed; and what all these decisions might entail. At Kevin O`Mahony`s law firm, we have extensive experience and expertise representing physicians, health care providers and other professionals in the creation of their corporations and related affairs. We are one of the few law firms in Johns Creek and Metro Atlanta that focuses exclusively on health and business law. We understand the unique aspects of your business and offer services that allow you to spend more time in your practice and spend less time navigating and meeting legal requirements. We are here to help you every step of the way in health care and medical practice. We also advise clients on health care provider contracts, employment and insurance issues, leasing and other business matters, including negotiating and drafting the necessary documents. And we can help you buy and sell medical practices.

Please call us or email us if you are willing to discuss your legal needs. NOW, THEREFORE, taking into account the premises and agreements they contain and for other valuable considerations, the care, reception and sufficiency are recognized by this, The parties agree, by this, that the terms “competing business” are: any company that provides or provides medical or health care services identical or substantially similar to medical/health services that are then provided at the hospital, including, but not exclusively, surgical services provided in a licensed outpatient operations centre, hospital, outpatient hospital service and located within a radius of ten (10) miles.